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services, and care in Jeremie, Haiti.


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Recent News & Updates

New dining room with roof and furniture

New kitchen sink with running water and counter

November 2010
Kitchen & Dining Room done!
Thanks to numerous generous donors, particularly Adriana Cassani, we have completed the last capital improvement required at Good Samaritan Home!

Two years ago we purchased new mattresses and
re-roofed the dining room. Last year we replaced the entire water system....installing new water tank, septic, toilets, showers and sinks. This safe water system, thanks to everyone's generosity, allows us to let you all know that the cholera epidemic is completely passing our seniors by! Who knew how important that water system would turn out to be!!!!

Now, 2010, we raised sufficient funds to purchase a refrigerator, stove, work table, storage shelves, knives, utensils, pots and roof the food preparation area. Now the workers can prepare meals even when it rains, ... please read on

New Sink & Toilet room at Good Samaritan Home in Jeremie Haiti

April 2010
Project Goals
In 2010 our goal is to equip and install a kitchen and furnish a dining room. Approximately $6000 will be needed.

Our constant goal is to support the lives of the elderly poor by providing shelter, food, and care in Jeremie, Haiti. Our objectives are to refurbish The Good Samaritan Home for Seniors and provide monthly food support. In 2008 we repaired the roof of the dining room. In 2009 we partnered with Summit County Rotary and Thrivent for funding and installed a new water tank, septic system, toilets, showers and sinks. Current Activities

January 2010
Dear Generous Supporters of Haiti,
Thank you for your wonderful donations in 2009 and so far this month!!!!! We have much to be grateful for. Our income in 2009, though less then our outgo, accomplished a major goal of completing the hygiene project. In addition read more

January 2010 - BREAKING NEWS
Dear All,
I am being besieged by requests for first hand info. Sorry for the canned response. Here is the latest news

New Dining Room roof for Good Samaritan Home in Jeremie

January 2009
Dear Friends of Jeremie,
Thanks to your generosity we provided food for the 19 abandoned seniors at Good Samaritan Home for 6 months AND tuition for 14 students at Jean Wesley School AND rebuilt the roof over the dining room for the seniors so it no longer leaks!

We began the year with $1,239. Eighty-two donors contributed a total of $19,418.01. We continue to ask for pledges of $40 to feed one senior for one month or $480 a year. For photos of seniors and their sponsors please click HERE. Seniors in color have food sponsors, seniors ... read on

Students and voluteers for Summer Enrichment Camp of 2008

September 15, 2008
Dear All,
Rev Dorcely has sent us a short update on Jeremie.  So far $460 has been donated towards tuition. We are also sending $1540 for beans and rice for Good Samaritan Home for Seniors. That will be enough for food for two months. We continue to need pledges of $770 a month so we don't dip into capital to pay for food. There is also a need for donations for tuition.

The attached photo is from the summer enrichment camp this past July. My sister, READ MORE...

September 7, 2008
Dear Friends and Supporters of
We have had a great fund raising year so far…. with one setback.  First the good news!

Thanks to everyone’s generosity we have raised $15,721.12.  We have been advised by Pastor Dorcely of the Haitian Methodist Church that it would be best to use that money to renovate the existing home for seniors rather than to build a new one.  This makes a huge difference... READ MORE

All the kids at the orphanage in Jeremie

July 9th-23rd, 2008
Deborah and Mary Forhan led a summer enrichment camp at the orphanage in Jeremie. Twenty-eight children participated in the camp. The children have an amazing ability to focus on what’s being taught and memorize it quickly, this ability left a lot of time for other projects as well. The older children completed a mural of the World on their school courtyard wall while the younger children focused on preparing and planting nine “tire gardens.” Deborah and Mary, thanks to donations, were able to deliver needed and appreciated supplies around the Jeremie area. They were also blessed to attend a large Methodist Revival. READ MORE...

June 28, 2008
I have recently returned from a trip to Jeremie, Haiti. After confirming with the Haitians it was their advice to remodel the current home for the elderly at it's current location rather than build a new home on the site of the new orphanage. They presented many compelling arguments that has persuaded us to adopt that suggestion. Remodeling would be much more cost effective; which would involve building new bathrooms, showers and kitchen.

Currently there is no plumbing in the complex and conditions are very unsanitary.  The remaining redo would only involve making the living quarters more sanitary and comfortable. After completion the home could house up to 25 elderly folks.

Frank Bumpus

For a more detailed report click HERE

May 2, 2008
Thank You! Jeremie Relief has raised $7,000 as of today, thanks to your generous donations! That means we are just $3,000 away from meeting the generous anonymous donation challenge of $10,000!

We have until May 24, 2008 to raise the remaining $3,000. We know this can be done with your help!

April 9, 2008
The Jeremie Relief site went live on April 7, 2008, with emails being sent out by the Founders, asking for donations. On April 8, 2008, an anonymous donator generously offered to match the first $10,000 in donations, dollar for dollar! WOW - Thanks!

Local and volunteer workers gathered at the orphanage site

Four voluteers smiling at the camera

April 3, 2008
Work continues toward a rapid completion of the orphanage which will be home to 50 children by November.  Numerous individuals and groups are contributing to the funding, construction, equipment, and furnishings for the new home. 

Currently there are volunteer work crews traveling to Jeremie approximately every month to work for 1 to 2 weeks. 

By the time the orphanage is completed, we are hoping the $125,000 needed to begin work on the Seniors Home will be raised. The momentum from building the children’s home can then be continued through the winter of 2008-09 to build a home for the homeless senior citizens of Jeremie. 

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