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Supporting the lives of the elderly poor
by providing shelter, food, medical
services, and care in Jeremie, Haiti.


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Essay by Deborah Hage
Pastor Dorcely of Jeremie, Haiti

Pastor Jean Lesly Dorcely

Letter from the Founders

Dear Fellow Members of the Family of Man,

Together we can make a difference in Haiti - the poorest nation in the western hemisphere - one child at a time, one senior at a time, one community at a time. Our children, our brothers and sisters, our cousins, nieces and nephews, our grandparents are suffering in Jeremie, Haiti.

In a narrow sense one could say they are not our responsibility. Their suffering is not being caused by us. We could also say their suffering is the result of tyranny and greedy policies imposed on them by their corrupt leadership. Nonetheless, they cry out to us because if we don’t help, they don't know who will.

The Haitian government has no money. It has no government to put in place the community services we all take for granted, such as clean water, sewer systems, streets, electricity, schools, hospitals, child abuse prevention, fire suppression, or garbage pickup...and the list goes on and on. Even if there was a government to mandate such services there is no way to collect taxes to pay for them.

Some of our family members have been born in Haiti. Does their birth place mean we turn our backs? Absolutely not. They need us and we need them. We need them to show us the way to happiness and gratitude without the trappings of wealth. We need them to take us out of our busy lives by giving to others, show us how to slow down and be grateful. We need them to witness for us the God who has called us to feed the hungry and bring justice to the poor.

Pastor Jean Dorcely, of the Eglise Methodiste d’Haiti, has devoted his life to relieving the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of his fellow Haitians in Jeremie. We have turned to him and asked him what he sees as the greatest and highest good we can do. He has responded with, “Feed my lambs. Feed my sheep. Feed our grandparents who have no one to care for them. Provide them shelter. Surround them in their last years with a sense of dignity.”

Jeremie Relief has committed itself to doing exactly that.

We welcome your partnership with us as we partner with our family members in Jeremie, Haiti.

No Act of Love is Ever Wasted,
Deborah, Frank, and Doug

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