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Essay by Deborah Hage

Doug, Deborah and Frank ready to fly!
Doug, Deborah, and Frank on their way to Jeremie by Mission Air

About Us

Deborah“No act of love is EVER wasted.”

Deborah and her husband Paul, happily married since 1969, moved to Summit County in 1984 with their family, 2 birth children and, eventually,
8 adopted children. After raising their children Deborah still wanted to be of service to any children in need. Rather than adopting more, she and Paul decided that she could better use her MSW degree by establishing an international adoption agency in Summit County. Part of her job was to
travel throughout the world, visiting orphanages and raising money to care for those children who were not adopted.

Since two of their children were adopted from Peru, Deborah traveled there to see what she could do to help children.  While there she met a remarkable man, Father
Jose Chuquiyanqui. Father Jose serving a slum parish outside of Lima in Manchay, showed her around and asked her if she would renovate a shelter for victims of domestic violence there in Manchay. Returning to the states, Deborah gathered friends and her beloved church, Lord of the Mountains Lutheran Church (LOTM) congregation in an effort to provide a shelter for victims of domestic violence in Manchay, Peru. Together they raised $15,000, took a volunteer group of 8 people, including Frank, and returned to Peru to work.

Frank was an enthusiastic participant and Deborah realized this was far more satisfying then running an agency and processing paperwork. Deborah needed to be more directly involved with children and the disadvantaged, so she made one more sweep through Haiti, Guatemala, and Ecuador before closing the adoption agency and devoting her time and energy to serving the people of Manchay.

Frank Bumpus, Doug Schwartz, and Paul, with numerous others, have been returning to
Peru to build classrooms, homes, and a handicapped center since September 2002. Since then, Manchay has become increasingly stable and has attracted the funding of more and more aid agencies. Although elated at the progress Deborah continued to be haunted by the overwhelming poverty and desperation of the children and citizens of Haiti and sought to expand the scope of the Peru work group to Port au Prince. 

Frank and Doug expressed an interest in Haiti as well. Deborah contacted the Methodist Church of Haiti and asked where it would be more appropriate for them to apply their time
and talents and the recommendation was to go to Jeremie and do what they could there. 

After contacting Rev Jean Dorcely, head of the Methodist Church in that district, in November 2007, Deborah, Frank, and Doug went to Jeremie to meet with Rotary members, church members, and aid workers.  They returned to the states energized with the knowledge they had found a group of people who needed and desired their partnership. 

After returning, several other groups of people working in the Jeremie area were contacted. Most notably the Haiti Children Project, has welcomed them into partnership.  The oversight provided by Wade McGuinn, who travels to Jeremie every few months, ensures that the money raised will be well used.  The people of Jeremie are warm, welcoming and hard working.  It is a joy to be in partnership with them.

Paul, Deborah’s life long partner, encourages her in every way and though he is not always on the ground with her working in either Peru or Haiti she says, “It is Paul’s support that allows me to do all that I do to fulfill the scripture commands to bring good news to the afflicted, bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, comfort those who mourn, and feed the poor.”

As Paul and Deborah struggled through the demands and discouragements of raising 10 children, several of them emotionally and behaviorally disabled due to early histories of
abuse and neglect, they adopted the motto “No act of love is ever wasted.” This motto got them through some very hard days and times. 

The phrase continues to serve them well no matter where they travel and no matter what they do.  It would be easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged by the numerous problems and demands of working in Haiti.  Nonetheless, they step out in faith rejoicing in the knowledge that, indeed, no act of love is ever wasted.

Frank“And to the open-handed, the search for one who shall receive
is joy greater than giving”

Frank and his wife, married since 1961 and living in Texas, were faced with an empty nest as their grown children began lives of their own. They decided to move to Summit County Colorado in 1992 and began looking for a progressive worship environment. Lord of the Mountains Lutheran Community fit that bill to a tee for them. Frank was very impressed with this small community’s commitment to local and international outreach efforts.

When he started thinking of retirement, Frank began to get involved in the outreach he so appreciated in his church community. In 2001 he started building houses in Juarez, Mexico, then  was recruited by Deborah Hage for her ongoing mission in Manchay, Peru, where he participated enthusiastically beginning in 2003.

Now in 2016, Frank heads The Family of Mankind and continues to build and fulfill his outreach activities.

Since Deborah had long been involved in missions in Haiti, Frank became interested in that passion as well.  A humanitarian at heart Frank says, “I guess one could say that I’m hooked!”

Frank is passionate about helping the Senior orphans of Jeremie, Haiti. He feels like they are orphans because they have no family or what family they might have cannot afford them, just like the children.

The rewards of Frank’s work are countless. A the top of his “rewards” list is that now his children and grandchildren want to become involved in these humanitarian projects as well.

Doug"...called to help build a senior citizen center for the poorest of the poor of Jeremie, their senior citizens."

Doug moved to Summit County in 1977. A professional chef by trade he has spent some 30 years working as a resort chef then teaching Culinary Arts. Doug’s wife, Mary, happily teaches elementary school. They have raised two children in Summit County and have attended Lord of the Mountain Lutheran Church for 18 years, actively participating in outreach programs in Juarez, Mexico and Manchay, Peru to build homes for the homeless.

Doug became involved in Haiti while collaborating with Deborah on projects outfitting kitchens for orphanages in Port au Prince. They worked to provide stoves and kitchenware to orphanages that were cooking on coal fires and lacked proper items such as plates, cups, and utensils.

This past December, Doug went to Haiti with Deborah to witness, for himself, the living conditions of the average Haitian. After spending a week in Jeremie, he came back and felt called to help build a senior citizen center for the poorest of the poor of Jeremie, their senior citizens.

Doug is looking forward to continued trips to Jeremie, working to realize the combined dream of providing housing and basic needs for food and clothing for these elders who are not able to help themselves.

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