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Letter dated January 2010 (cont.)

In addition to feeding the seniors every month we received enough money from Summit County Rotary to install a water tank, showers, toilets, sinks and a septic system. The tiled bathrooms will make cleaning them possible. Here is an over all picture of the finances in 2009:

Opening Balance
$ 6903.26

Donations Total




Individual donations



Summit County Rotary






Sales of Haitian Items


Total Income



Wire Transfer Fees



Food for Seniors



Hygiene Facility



Pancake Breakfast


Balance as of Jan. 1, 2010

Due to the earthquake on January 12, the current situation in Haiti is dire. Beginning Jan. 21, and continuing on, the UN began transporting people out of Port au Prince to the countryside villages. Most of PAP will need to be razed due to the extensive damage. Thousands and thousands of “refugees” have been dropped off at the small fishing dock in Jeremie with just a bottle of water. Many have injuries. Many have no where to go…they have no relatives in the area. The problem is that all food being delivered to the country is being stopped in PAP and there is none available in the countryside. However, due to our long term presence in Jeremie we are going to be able to weather this crisis. We partner with Wade McGuinn of Haiti Children Project. He supports our work at Good Samaritan Home and we support his work at the Gebeau orphanage. Wade has been working overtime to obtain food for the children and seniors and fly it in. We have also been given food by a warehouse in the Dominican Republic and the LDS church. The food is being distributed as widely as possible due to the incredible efforts of Pastor Jean Dorcely, the Methodist pastor and district superintendent for the region. He and his wife, Mode, have been working tirelessly to see that food is being equitably distributed and all are fed.

It costs us $30 a month to feed one person. $360 a year. We need your help. Now and for the long term. Make check payable to LOTM, put Haiti on the memo line and mail to: PO box 1059, Dillon, Colorado 80435
(Donations received for Haiti are eligible for deduction on 2009 returns)

We need to find ways to feed the survivors pouring into Jeremie! Please share this info with people you know. The offering for Jeremie Relief at LOTM for food was over $8,000! What an incredible outpouring of support. Yet it is not sufficient to make the seniors food secure for 2010, much less feed the refugees pouring in.

Prior to the earthquake our goal was to upgrade the kitchen, put a roof on it, buy a stove, purchase tables, chairs, dishes, silverware, etc. That will be about $10,000. First the food crisis must be met so that may be put on hold until 2011.

Please share your blessings with the people of Haiti!
Email me if you want to be put on our jeremierelief email update list.

PS – This just in. I appealed to several of my LDS clients for help in obtaining food and they sent my appeal to the LDS church in Salt Lake City, who forwarded it to their missionary in Haiti. He responded by filling our relief truck with 3 tons!!!!!! of food and medical supplies. When asked he wrote this about the amount, “A real rough guess is 1000 hygiene kits, 120-25 pound bags of beans, 100 water filtration bottles, 100-25 pound boxes of rice, 2 pallets of shelf stable milk (2000 servings each pallet +\-) and probably some more that I can't remember.” How is that for universality? A Lutheran appeal to the LDS results in food for the Methodists! The gospel in action!!!!!!

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